From nurturing a sport, to delicately handling its heroes and creating stars of worth and substance – the task is as competitive as they sport they win in! Across the challenging sport of shooting on to the greens of golf, then the gallop of horses’ hooves as they race down to the finish line to the glamorous game of polo, we create platforms for brands and persons to imbibe the positivity of the game and its winners, alongside making room for media and widespread recognition for athletes, events and achievers.

    The Blue Apple board of advisors on sports include players - present and retired – and members of credible committees, who add a realistic, psychological edge to the work. In the realm of sports, the company manages events, sports, and athletes as well as provides specific PR solutions over event-based, short or extended periods of time.

    In addition, the cavalry background of the directors gives depth to their understanding of the equestrian world, with Blue Apple being a leading name in organising and promoting events related to showjumping, dressage, national and international polo competitions and tent pegging. The company’s work scope and clients in sport range across the length and breadth of the country.

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