Under the ambit of Public Relations lie the tasks of strategic image consultancy, media management, pre and post-launch tools, networking, marketing and digital (also social) media support.

    From in-depth analysis of a brand and its values, to developing the right language and visual identity, sending across the right message and working to create the appropriate Image, the Image and Brand Management Team works across the following sectors:

    1. Luxe Image Management – which pertains to associating with luxury brands, destinations and experiences to riche out to a niche yet relevant set of audience.

    2. Lifestyle: Health, Body, Mind and Style – Often misused and considered interchangeable with Page 3 parties and the frivolous culture of the assumed elite, ‘Lifestyle’ is understood as a way of life of a group, an extension of their culture and as a corollary, refers to cultural symbols that are an extension of individual identity. We pay a tribute to Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler who originally used the term by including health of the mind and body, as well as strong style elements into the catergory of ‘lifestyle’

    3. Individual Talent Management – authors, artists, restaurateurs, corporates, individuals with a spark and a start-up idea… we look at each individual with a unique growth chart and detail a plan that suits him/her ideally!

    4. Supporting a Good Cause – Passionate about supporting the girl and the underprivileged across genders, Blue Apple has worked extensively in this realm and does not charge a fee beyond basic expenses, if a brand or event directly promote a ‘good cause’

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