At the uppermost end of the spectrum lies a layer of brands, people and interactions that truly define the very notion of luxury. Bringing together interests and individuals, we create niche events that take care of luxury image management, usually through a niche bouquet of media selection or private key networking events.

    Blue Apple also creates and manages other ‘events’ though usually, these are niche in terms of brands associated or nature of execution. It takes a lot of magnitude of planning and executing to be called an ‘event’ and at Blue Apple, we manage events across these spectrums:

    1. Elite and exclusive - networking/socialising/brand building cocktails or dinners of 100 people or less, allowing room for brand appreciation and interactions; these may or may not be media-oriented

    2. Innovations – at some of the venue, hospitality or fitness, that we manage – and this could include souks, pop-up stores, innovations by other brands, designers and artists in conjunction with the place’s USP and style

    3. Large ones, but exclusive within segment they cater to – usually within the context of hospitality, think tank-related ones and of course, polo

    4. Weddings – going beyond the great-Indian-tamasha to create memorable experiences that include charmingly stylish day affairs, sit-down format receptions and more.

    From conceptualisation and in-depth planning, to executing designs, layouts, branding and invitations, development of media and advertisement plan and ensuring its all a smooth run, the event becomes the baby of the Blue Apple family.

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