Supporting the stand-alone industry, we are the country’s largest and only holistic hospitality imaging firm. At Blue Apple, ‘public relations’ is not merely media reviews, but the creation of a unique and holistic strategy synchronized with marketing objectives, events, visual communication and concepts relevant to the brand on a quarterly basis. Pushing social and digital mediums on a simultaneous basis and stepping in towards any greater brand management role as per requirements of a restaurant/hospitality enterprise are part of our work scope. We have also created room for our partners to co-brand based on the realm and style to create energetic concepts and soiree’s which don’t toe the standard line… there’s room for high energy and a lot of fun.

    Blue Apple has worked with over 100 hospitality ventures in the past 5 years, across the north, south and east of the country along with the West Coast, USA for projects ranging from small stand-alone ventures to large hospitality groups, from cafes to luxe restaurants and boutique hotels. These have ranged from individual entrepreneurs to larger corporate entities and ensure that all activities have a return on investment far greater than stop-gap media coverage or paid social media ‘trending’.

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