With the digital medium gaining omnipresence, the role of social media and online visibility remains of core importance across industries, events and entities. However, the bouquet of social media pertaining to any brand and the nature of its treatment vary in each case, even when two brand belong to the same industry. And in recognising this individuality, Blue Apple’s young social media team is on the prowl discovering new media and innovative methods.

    Digital visibility – especially through new-age websites and blogs, if selected with care become strong tools for image management and actual marketing - Blue Apple considers this a simultaneous task to any launch, event or PR activity, especially in the realm of popular and relevant portals (for a qualitative and quantitative push).

    The company also takes on the holistic task of identity creation that also includes setting up of world wide web presence through a website. Chargeable varying upon platform used and qualitative design applied, the website division has an independent team of designer and programmers, and servers used are reliable, international ones. Search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media optimisation (SMO) are also managed by the team, with a basic commitment that is non-chargeable to any client, and with relevant analytics that result in strong marketing outcomes.

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