Besotted by Romeo, Juliet said “What’s in a name”… and often, we pore over Shakespeare’s works in lighter moments. But in today’s intensely competitive environment, visual communication and a strong brand identity are the fundamental building blocks of a brand.

    The communication design team carries out the following tasks:

    1. Brand Creation: With a combined experience of over 5 decades, it’s one of the strongest teams in hospitality-related and individual entrepreneur/start-up related assignments, weaving branding magic for over 350 entities in 5 years with spellbinding names and enthralling visuals that simply make a client… smile.

    2. Collateral and Associated Production: A wide range of support tasks such as creation of office stationery, visiting cards, posters, sign boards, merchandise, packaging, related art, brochures, colour coding for the brand’s further visual outreach… you name it, we can design it and direct you for quality production as well.

    3. Coffee Table Books: Some tasks are driven by the sheer love of it and this is one which the team looks forward to – Handholding from concept design, to selecting paper, finalising size and print concept, getting relevant photographers and writers to take the book from concept to actuality.

    4. Communication Design Support: Visual design for print advertisement, for at-venue promotions in the form of easels and standees, visual concepts and campaigns for digital or social media, and graphic as well as content input from specialists, all design support for running enterprises, entities and restaurants comes out from the innovative Blue Apple, literally.

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